SERMONS from the African American Perspective

Presented by Robert Earl Houston, Sr. Ministries, Inc.

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The Sermon Sharing Service is one of the largest providers of sermons in the African-American Christian Community. Our sermons feature an outstanding array of Pastors and Ministers:

- Pastor Robert Earl Houston, Sr., senior pastor, First Baptist Church, Frankfort, Kentucky.
- Rev. Bryant L. Bacon, Sr., senior pastor, Mt. Calvary Baptist Church, Niles, Michigan.
- Rev. Darron LaMonte Edwards, Sr., senior pastor, United Believers Church, Kansas City, Missouri.
- Dr. Wheeler L. Jones, senior pastor, Baxter Street Church of the Living God Pillar Ground of Truth, Tyler, Texas
- Dr. Robert L. Malone, senior pastor, Bethel Baptist Church Anchorage, Louisville, Kentucky.
- Dr. Darrow Perkins, Jr., senior pastor, Mesa View Baptist Church, San Diego, California.
- Bishop Alfondia Reese, III, senior pastor, The Destiny Church, Hoffman Estates, Illinois and Grace Temple Church, Chicago, Illinois.
- Rev. Jesse Slater, senior pastor, Mount Hermon Baptist Church, West Point, MIssissippi.
- Dr. Rodney Teal, senior pastor, Jerusalem Baptist Church, Washington, DC.

- Dr. William J. Wyne, senior pastor, Second Missionary Baptist Church, Battle Creek, Michigan.

Our writers are members of the Progressive National Baptist Convention, Inc.; the National Baptist Convention of America, Inc.; the Full Gospel Baptist Church Fellowship; the Southern Baptist Convention; the American Baptist Churches of the USA, Inc.; the National Baptist Convention, USA, Inc.; the International Church of the Living God PGT; and other affiliations.

Here you will find the very best in preaching and teaching!

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